A Military Garden Wedding

A Military Garden Wedding

Fiona and Wee Seng first met before university when they were working together at their part-time jobs. They then went their separate ways but, as R. M. Drake once said, “fate has a funny way of mending things back together”. The couple reconnected two years later when a chance encounter at school led them to each other again. The love story began to unfold and it was at Regent Singapore that they exchanged vows and formed their union of marriage.

While the couple had planned on a garden setting to celebrate their nuptials, with the groom a Regular in the Republic of Singapore Air Force, a military-styled wedding setting was also incorporated to their day; a unique moment in time to remember as the pair of newlyweds entered their new lives together by passing under the raised swords of the Groom’s military comrades.


“We have always wanted an outdoor garden solemnization that gave off a rustic vibe but not wanting to risk it due to the unpredictable weather,” says the bride. This is the reason why it was love at first sight when the couple saw Regent Singapore’s garden themed wedding set-up through online searches. Immediately, the decision was made to hold their special day’s celebrations and happy-ever-after walk down the aisle at the Hotel.


The couple was not looking for a specific theme or feel for the wedding and much rather “add elements that were meaningful to us and things we liked”. Multi-coloured bridesmaid dresses as Fiona loves rainbow colors, DIY-ed album table with elements of UK where the groom proposed and where they went back for their pre-wedding photo shoot and not forgetting the garden theme solemnization they have always wanted.


 Just moments before the much anticipated march-in, the Hotel’s Banquet Manager dived in to ensure that all was in order for the couple to make their grand entrance as Mr. and Mrs. “He saw that we were both nervous and offered to get some water for us to drink. It was what calmed us down then and it left quite an impression on us. This is definitely not something practiced at other hotels. We are thankful that the staff did that for us,” says Fiona.


Both nature lovers, Fiona and Wee Seng planned a Euro trip with the intention to visit Seven Sisters Country Park in East Sussex, South of London. It was while admiring the magnificent chalk cliffs that the magic question was popped. “Nothing fanciful, but it was a very private affair, just like how I would have liked,” says Fiona.


For the wedding, Fiona wore a simple mermaid lace dress, dressing it up with delicate pieces of diamond jewellery and a pair of simple pearl white heels.  This clean and flattering look creates a perfect contrast to the wedding theme.


When planning your wedding, be sure to have in mind what you want and enjoy the process! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing and you would want to look back remembering all the fun moments! The top priority for us was definitely working with partners/vendors whom we felt comfortable with. That made the whole wedding planning so much less stressful, more enjoyable and ultimately, more memorable!

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