An extraordinary wedding in unprecedented times

An extraordinary wedding in unprecedented times

The pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, including monumental celebrations such as weddings. We speak with Raymond and Shin Yu, who have found creative ways to uphold time-honoured traditions in the new social norm.

Q: Why did you decide to go ahead with your wedding during this time instead of postponing it?

Raymond: When we chose our wedding date, we assumed that the pandemic would be over. Alas, that was not the case! Still, in the midst of all the unpredictability, we found the clarity to go ahead and make the best out of the situation.

Shin Yu: The situation is what it is and we did not feel that further delays were necessary. Ultimately, the wedding is to make the start of our marriage, to build a home and our very own family. I would not postpone the start of this wonderful journey just because of these uncertain times.

Q: How did you get your guests comfortable with the idea they’d have to undergo PET testing?

Raymond: We ensured that the need for PET testing was communicated early to our guests, with concise instructions and information on what it entailed. We also told our guests that we’ll make the wedding as fun for them in this current situation – which I think we did!

Shin Yu: I did not sugar coat the details to PET testing and left the decision to my guests. I assured them that it was perfectly ok and understandable if they did not feel comfortable to do it, that we will still be friends!

Q: What are the major changes you had to make from your original wedding plans?

Raymond: The removal of the banquet was a big change – we have had to revamp our program to ensure that the solemnisation and customary wedding traditions would fit into a concise schedule in under 2 hours, so that our guests would not be without food and drinks for too long. We have also decided to hold the solemnisation in the presence of all our guests instead of just immediate family member.

In place of course meals, additional videos were added to our programming so that we could have enough time to change into our second outfits.

We also had to be innovative with our Yam Seng – by using an inflated balloon beer mug and wine bottle to simulate the ceremony. This was facilitated with a Yam Seng app and we think that our guests enjoyed it!

Shin Yu: Pre-wedding events such as the gate crash had to be simplified. The number of helpers were also reduced and there were many moments where I just had to handle things by myself. Navigating through zonal restrictions and coping with minor unexpected situations were also things that we had to cope with.

Lastly, we had to give up our celebratory drinks for the big day.

Q: How did you feel about having to reduce your guest list significantly?

Raymond: Our ideal guest list would consist about 150 people, which eventually was reduced to around 80. In the midst of the reduction, we found ourselves more time to focus on the family and friends who made it and were touched by their willingness to undergo PET testing for us. The rest of our friends and families were still with us via livestreaming.

Shin Yu: The restrictions did work out for us as we are now able to hold our wedding in the hotel’s ballroom without a big guest list. It was also easier to focus on a smaller number of guests who were close to our hearts, without the typical worry of a large guest list and not having enough time to spend with each of them.

Q: What silver lining did you see amid all of this?

Raymond: The shortened ceremony allowed the ease of hosting a livestream for people who couldn’t join us on our special day! It would not have been as feasible if we had a banquet as it would typically run for about 3 to 4 hours.

The circumstances also challenged us to think out of the box and made our wedding one that was innovative and memorable for our guest – with our balloon Yam Seng, standees and creative videos.

Shin Yu: While it was a smaller physical wedding, it ended up as one that was larger than we had imagined. It was made possible by modern livestreaming technology, with over 600 views. The live stream also meant that we coulld relive the moments by re-watching it.

Custard and Yaki could also join us for the entire wedding as food was not served and that meant that they did not have to leave the ballroom.

Q: It was so cute seeing Custard and Yaki being part of your celebrations! How important was it for you to have them as part of the ceremony?

Raymond: They are actually one of the main reasons why we chose Regent! We knew from day 1 that we wanted them to be part of the ceremony. They hold a huge significance in our lives and our relationship.

We’re super thankful for Regent for making this dream a reality and arranging for them to be “driven in”.

Shin Yu: The bridezilla in me would not have it any other way; it was one of the requirements for the venue to allow Custard and Yaki with us at the wedding. I have made a personal promise to bring them along the major milestone in my life. True to the promise, Custard was part of my graduation photoshoot and now, at our wedding.

Q: How did the Regent Singapore help you achieve a dream wedding despite the circumstances?

Both: Willius was really with us along the entire journey. He was prompt to communicate with us on any updates and changes. He also listened to our concerns and addressed each and every one of them. There were no nasty surprises on our wedding day and we knew exactly what we could expect from Regent with him on board.

He even went the extra mile to arrange a rehearsal for us together with Custard and Yaki, which we were really grateful for.

All the staff on the actual day were also professional and really on-the-ball. We felt completely taken care of throughout the process.

At Regent Singapore, we understand what it takes to plan a wedding in the face of uncertainty.

Seek clarity by getting in touch with our Wedding Specialists today.

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