Real Weddings: Ray & Xara

An Intimate & Modern Wedding

Ray and Xara are modern and sophisticated individuals who found each other through an online dating site. Their unconventional love story is inspiring and many romances have since sparked off the same way.

Following her heart, Xara took the chance and made the first move; leading to the union of two inseparable souls. With great chemistry, they became friends, started dating soon after, and then the magic of love unfolded.


Champagne and gold was the theme for the wedding. “For a sophisticated yet fuss-free wedding, I chose the Enchanting Whispers wedding theme because the overall dove white romantic feel matched with the minimalistic setting that we were going for,” says Xara.


The sense of nostalgia in a grand vintage ballroom, and a minimalistic theme with fairy lights were the deciding factors that made Regent Singapore, the place to celebrate the couple’s matrimony.


Understanding Ray and Xara’s desire for a fuss-free wedding, the Hotel’s team of wedding specialists did not disappoint. “and she was not pushy during her sales, which I appreciate. Sophia was a great coordinator as well! There were no hiccups during our wedding day and everything went smoothly. They even came by to say hello while we were having breakfast at Basilico the next day!” Xara recalls fondly.


In their pajamas, at the very last minute of Xara’s birthday on March 14, 2015, Xara recalls the touching moment when Ray went down on one knee with a ring and said, “It’s 11:59 p.m. and just one minute before your birthday, and this day ends. I want to be the last man in your life and take care of you forever.”


The dress was a Korean-inspired custom-sourced long sleeve gown paired with a star-studded headband and diamond earrings from Taiwan Jeweller. For the second march-in, Xara made an elegant appearance in a sophisticated champagne gown covered in a layer of black lace, custom-made by Queena Wedding. And being a makeup artist by profession, the beautiful blushing bride walked down the aisle made-up with her own bridal makeup!


Ray himself had a custom-made suit by Queena Wedding – maroon with black lapels were chosen to complement Xara’s custom-made gown.


When planning your honeymoon, choose a destination that would allow you to relax. A resort holiday in the Maldives or Bali would be a good mini-moon right after a busy and hectic wedding!

Wedding Photography by: Anton Chia
Make Up by: Xara Lee Make Up Artist
Wedding Dress and Suit by: Queena Wedding

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