Chef’s Playground

Chef's Playground

Regent Singapore’s Chef’s Playground – a creative space for our chefs to bring their freshest ideas to the table.

After a successful kickstart of its Chef’s Playground Series with a Burnt Truffle Ricotta Cheesecake, Regent Singapore is launching Version 2 with a curated kit by Basilico Head Chef, Valerio Pietrantonelli.

Similar to our earlier run of Burnt Truffle Ricotta Cheesecake, which came with a fresh knob of truffle, acquerello rice, a truffle shaver and a jar of truffle honey, each crate is a gift that keeps giving. Expect the finest ingredients you can serve immediately, but also special, thoughtful touches that will last you for a couple of weeks to come.

Each crate includes:
Handmade ‘priest hat’ ravioli, wine-braised oxtail
Named after Capello del Prete, the hats worn by Italian priests. Pasta sheets are rolled by hand, stuffed generously with shredded wine-braised oxtail for easy reheating and serving with extra sauce (serves 2).

Handmade tonnarelli, guanciale and pecorino romano
All the ingredients you need to whip up an authentic Roman-style carbonara. Just add your freshest eggs and scan the QR code included for a step-by-step tutorial by Chef Valerio himself.

Housemade gricia butter
Gricia, a traditional pasta dish in Rome, is a simple but hearty plate of guanciale, black pepper and pecorino romano. Chef Valerio hand churns his own butter with fresh cream and weaves in salty, smoky notes from the guanciale, mild heat from freshly cracked pepper, and sweetness from caramelised onions – just the way his grandmother would make it.

Ciriola bread
A typical Roman bread that formed the common worker’s choice of sandwich. Also popular with night owls, who would stumble upon bread counters strategically located outside clubs looking for a hangover cure. Tear up the crusty loaf and smear with above butter, or do like the Italians do, and serve with your pasta to mop up all that delicious sauce. Fare la scarpetta!

Omina Hermes Diactorosi Wine
In keeping with the Roman spirit, this medium-bodied tipple carries three grape varietals: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc for dashes of spice and notes of mature red fruit.

Basilico’s Basilcello
What is an Italian meal if it doesn’t end with a digestif or two. Complete your dinner with the quintessential post-prandial tipple. Basilico infuses tangy limoncello with fresh basil for up to two weeks, tinging the liqueur green and lending it a welcome herbaceous profile.
A limited 30 sets will be released every Wednesday at 9pm for delivery throughout the week. All subsequent launches will be announced via social media ahead of opening slots.

Please stay tuned over @regentsingapore on Instagram as we announce each run and refresh our offerings in the weeks to come.

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